The critical need for a new magazine

Society is hanging in the balance. 

Our cities are plagued by poverty, inequality and ideological divides. Our health is threatened by pandemic  and the prospect of economic hardship and societal unrest. Our very existence is threatened by climate change. Born of the belief that we suffer from a crisis of imagination and not resources, Citizen sets out to capture the spirit  the energy and vision  of those who believe that citizens hold the power to change things that aren't working. That our collective creativity and knowledge and determination can  and absolutely should  be harnessed to the greater good. 

Interdisciplinary intelligence

Inspired by magazines such as New Scientist, The Economist and National Geographic, Citizen reaches out beyond its disciplines to address wide ranging issues and reach a diverse audience. Our aim is to harness expertise from a broad spectrum of professions to inspire, shape and articulate interdisciplinary propositions for the future of the city.

A magazine with a mission

The first venture from the London School of Architecture's publishing arm, Citizen champions and challenges ideas that support the LSA's mission to help people living in cities have more fulfilled and sustainable lives.