Spring 2020

136 Pages of essential opinions and propositions, including:

Peter Bishop on how the pandemic will change society and the city

—Social media star Finn Harries on ecological transformation

Amanda Baillieu on the economic crisis caused by COVID-19

— The new breed of Ethical Investors with social and environmental goals

— Proposals for London by the generation that will inherit the city

— Professor Jem Bendell on how to adapt to the climate catastrophe

— Remembering Michael Sorkin, with Anthony Vidler and friends

Peter Buchanan My top 10 books!

—Fiction from Lev Bratishenko

—Poetry from LionHeart

— And much, much more...

Summer 2019

176 pages of essential opinions and
propositions, including:
Henrietta Moore and Richard Sennett going head-to-head on culture, society and citizenship
Soheb Panja calling for a new approach to mosque design
—The innovators and entrepreneurs 

challenging the way we shape the city
Design proposals to help London meet the targets set out in the United Nations Sustainability Goals
Nigel Coates on the relationship between gay culture and the city
Victoria Glendinning celebrating the capital’s capacity for reinvention and looking into her crystal ball

— And much, much more...